Daphne Patai on political indoctrination on campuses

Daphne Patai writes about how political indoctrination is now a major part of academic life. Universities, especially liberal arts colleges, once the hotbed of lively, and frequently uncomfortable, debate about rights, liberties, and other social issues, are now being pushed into mediocrity by adopting speech codes, and pushing political agendas in admissions and hiring.

Dr. Patai talks about a questionnaire that members on the hiring committees are expected to ask prospective candidates about their commitment to, and activities in support of, “disadvantaged” groups, such as minorities, women, the disabled, the colored and others. The questions, according to her, do not reflect, nor attempt to reflect, on any scholastic abilities of the interviewee. Instead, these questions are structured so that political opinions of the candidate become obvious. In fact, the questions are structured to evade the defenses of the cautions candidate who may want to give the “right” answers to these questions.

Dr. Patai argues that doing so pushes the discourse in academic institutions into a single sided monologue with no dissent. Education, therefore, becomes replaced by political indoctrination.

The complete article is here.

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