Dina Rabinovitch interviews Erin Pizzey

I came across an interview of Erin Pizzey for the Guardian by Dina Rabinovitch. The interview talks briefly about how Erin Pizzey was once a celebrity within the feminist movement and was the founder of the original shelter for battered women. She laid the groundwork for the charity now popularly known, in the UK, as The Refuge.

The article suggests that Pizzey became alien to the feminist movement after she threatened to inform the police of the illegal activities of the Angry Brigade. In a documentary, Erin Pizzey has suggested otherwise; she has claimed that she became a persona non grata within the feminist movement after she started to voice the idea that domestic violence wasn’t necessarily something that happened along gender lines, and that of the women she had seen in her shelters, more than half were at least as violent as the partners they left.

She claims that domestic violence is something that is often expressed in people who come from dysfunctional families. In her words

“It’s not that I’m saying women are as abusive as men; the point is, it’s not men and women at all. It’s anybody who comes from that kind of background. “

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