Amy Benfer interviews Warren Farrel for Salon

Amy Benfer, in this excellent interview, talks about Warren Farrel’s then recent book, Father-Child Reunion. The interview touches on some what Amy believes to be some of Farrel’s views on feminism. Farrel is described as one of the most successful male feminists of the 1970s who was exceedingly well respected in feminist and academic circles. He broke away from feminism after NOW advocated primary custody of children for women in cases of separation. Farrel disagreed with this viewpoint, and, paid a literal price: he got poor. Farrel is described as a feminist turned advocate for gender-equality.

Highlighted are two paragraphs likely to be considered controversial.

“‘Women’s bodies, women’s business,’” Farrell says, “is a crock. It’s very, very bad. It can only come out of an insidious form of sexism that doesn’t consider anybody but the woman.” True reproductive rights, says Farrell, would take into consideration the rights of the man, the woman and the fetus. Farrell believes that both men and women should have the right to choose abortion (in the man’s case, “abortion” could also mean refusing to pay child support for an unwanted child), “but I believe that abortion is killing. But I also eat meat and wear leather, and that is killing as well.”

Warren Farrell, masculinist, believes that there should never have been a women’s movement that blamed men for the ills of society. There should not be a men’s movement blaming women. There should only be a gender transitional movement that encompasses both genders. Sadly, he says, 30 years of feminism have made the men’s movement necessary. “But as soon as things get anywhere near balanced — if I live that long — when men start blaming women, I will be on their backs just as hard and as strong as I am now that it’s the other way around.”

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