Hello, world!

A little about me, and why I am starting this blog.

I grew up in a feminist world, believing in the noble ideals that men and women are equals, but because of their biology, different. I learned about how women fought for the right to vote, when that right was held solely by men. About how Mothers Against Drunk Driving was such a positive force behind the strict laws against intoxicated operation of a motor vehicle. And I grew up consuming, without questioning, incredibly disturbing statistics about how frequently men rape women, the wage gap, and other manifestations of female victimhood. And I grew up to believe that women were inherently better than men.

And somewhere along the line, I realized that if women were better than men, they weren’t equals at all. And something snapped: when did the egalitarian version of feminism that I espoused growing up transform into an ideology of gender superiority?

This blog is, primarily, an effort at self education. I hope, through effort of maintaining this blog, to collect as much information as I can about these gender issues, and to learn to spot the narrative of female victimhood when I see it, and to find statistics, when I can, that supports that narrative, and when I cannot, to question that narrative. I also hope that this blog will become a repository of the research and views of others who have been interested in the same questions.

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